We are a company specialized in providing technological solutions to private and public organizations.

Since 2008 we develope software locally and internationally (USA and Denmark) and we offer consulting services and software implementations oriented to business management (mainly Open Source), focused on ERP, HRM, CRM, e-Commerce and Business Intelligence.


Our staff has ample experience with technologies such as Java, Microsoft .NET, PHP, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, JBOSS, VMWare, and Open Source solutions like Openbravo, SugarCRM, Libertya, Pentaho BI, Nuxeo, Magento, OTRS, Joomla and Moodle and more, covering all the necesary skills to provide our customers with an excellent service.

Management Team

Guillermo Hindi. Ejecutive ManagerMore info
Germán Perrone | BI ConsultantMore info
Miriam Taboada | Software AnalystMore info
Octavio Sosa | Project ManagerMore info